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Find The Very Best With Our Black Belt Search ExpertsJason McCoy, Business Development Associate/Account Manager

As a Business Development Associate and Account Manager, Jason is responsible for leading a team of recruiters to deliver highly qualified candidates to clients. He also helps manage the recruiting strategy to ensure his clients are getting the quality of talent they need.

Jason joined Dimensional Thinking as a Business Development Representative in 2015. A graduate of North Greenville University with degrees in Business and Economics, he utilizes his skill set to handle the management of recruiters and clients alike. As a former member of the Academic All-America® Baseball Team, Jason is driven by a strong work ethic and developed sense of leadership. He relies on these qualities to provide unparalleled service to his clients when working with them to solve their challenges.

Jason has worked as a part-time personal trainer. He enjoys using that outlet as a platform to try to enrich the lives of others. He lives in Suwanee, Georgia and likes to spend time with his family when not in the office.